TeamAkers to co-produce new play, Spy for Spy

We are excited to announce production of a new romantic comedy by Kieron Barry produced in association with Feather Productions which will premiere at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith this Summer from Thursday 15th June to Sunday 2nd July.

Sarah and Molly are two Californians who love each other – and that’s all they have in common. As the uptight lawyer and the free-spirited dreamer strive to make their improbable relationship work, we see them break up, meet the parents, move in together and fall in love – all in a completely random sequence.

Spy for Spy is a romantic comedy with a difference; a drama performed like a playlist with the scenes shuffled in a random order.

Spy for Spy asks if our lives make more sense in the wrong order, and if there is any logic to love as it zigzags from moving drama to laugh-out-loud comedy.

Can we have love without grief? Is honesty nothing more than cruelty? Is intimacy just spying?

Cast and Creative team to be announced shortly. For further information contact